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Welcome to the website of the tourist hostel and the conference centre in a small, beautiful village Dobriv near Brdy reservation. 


Campus Dobriv is open throughout all the seasons of the year.





- accommodation in the house for families, individuals and groups with the maximum of 30 people

- accomodation in the garden in own tents - suitable for children camps 

- full board for groups of 15 people or more available or individual self-catering 

- conference room for meetings, weddings, training, teambuilding activities with the maximum capacity

  of 80 people




- 2x three bed rooms (one double-bed and one single-bed) 

- 1x nine bed room for a larger group 

- 3x five bed rooms (one double-bed and three single-beds)


Self-catering possible in the common kitchen equipped with an induction cooker, an oven and a dish washer. A storeroom and a fridge is also available. Each bed room is equipped with a dining table.  

Two bathrooms available (one with a bath, one with a shower). Four toilets provided separately.


Larger groups can be accomodated un local TJ Sokol Dobriv hostel.




9 €/day - adults

7 €/day - children from 3 years old, students, young people w/o income till 26 years old

5 €/day - a person using a tent and own sleeping bag

3 €/day - children 0 - 3 years old


The prices include all municipal fees and the use of all hostel equipment, such as a duvet with a pillow, kitchen, garden, wi-fi. The prices further include the use of two cots and two dining stools for small children. 

Equipment in the kitchen includes basic dishes (pots, pans, knives, plates, etc.) and appliances (dishwasher, oven, microwave oven, cooker, coffee maker). You have to bring your own tea towels, detergents and coffee filters. 

Bedsheets can be borrowed for the price of 3 € or you can use your own sheets.

The rooms need to be cleaned before departure according to hygiene rules or it can be ordered for a price of 3,5 €/person. More information about the cleaning can be found in the documents section




Conference room needs to be booked in advance by phone or e-mail. Check-in or or check-out upon agreement.


       250 €/day - conference room fully equipped (includes a kitchen in the same building and a restroom)

        22 €/hour - conference room fully equipped (includes a kitchen in the same building and a restroom)

         42 €/day - conference room for groups larger than 10 accomodated in the hostel 

         62 €/day - conference room fully equipped for groups larger than 10 accomodated in the hostel 

 Free of charge - conference room without conference equipment for groups larger than 15 accomodated

                         in the hostel with full board 

         22 €/day - conference room fully equipped for groups larger than 15 accomodated in the hostel

                         with full board




Full board can be organized for groups larger than 15 for the price of 13 €/day.




Concerns groups larger than 15 staying for more than 3 nights.

The price includes the use of the conference room and bedding with bedsheets.

The price for pedagogical staff is the same as for the students. 

We can also organize transport from and to Prague via minibus for the price of 10 € per person.




Campus Dobriv can be found 8 km away from Rokycany. It is easily accessible from D5 highway (exit 50 -Myto, Holoubkov). The journey from Prague takes 45 minutes. It is also possible to take the train from Prague to Rokycany and then take the bus to Dobriv. 



Dobřív 184

338 44


Jana Hučíková

+420 602 141 166

Campus Dobřív
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